Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Side Effects portal - Serial Novel - Pay What You Want

Side Effects - the serial

    This is where the joys and wonders of Side Effects will unroll. This serialized novel - sequel to the 30-hour novel finalist Tokyo Pizza - will come out in weekly pieces, and readers are invited to pay what you think it's worth using the fabulous Donate button over on the right.
    If you feel like a chapter is worth a dollar, that's great! Or if you felt it was 25 cents of good, then do that. You can read for nothing, of course, but I trust that people understand writers have to eat, too, and a few pennies do help.
   So you enjoy the serial, what should you do? Easy. Tell people and send them here. Tweet it, blog it, scream on Tumblr, wave cardboard signs on the freeway off-ramps. It all helps. Subscribe to the blog and your email will let you know when pieces go up. It also makes me feel good.

   Expect the first chapter in May, with weekly updates planned. There will be art, too, if the gods are kind.

And lo, a provisional cover appears!

Just a general caution to all: The images, characters and text of Side Effects are all rights reserved, Copyright 2013 Michael M. Lane. That being said, none of the content will have DRM and can be exchanged free for fair use, so feel free to send a copy to a friend. All I ask is that you point them to the web site. Selling or hosting the work, or any portions thereof, is not allowed without express permission, however. As usual, you may use excerpts for review purposes and so on.

Next update: May 3 What you can expect in the upcoming weeks, in a nutshell.

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